Quality and Environment

MEV can only achieve long-term customer satisfaction and prolonged partnership if our products maintain an excellent standard. This is at the core of all our efforts to enhance quality and protect the environment.

Active quality assurance
Consequently all administration, work and manufacturing processes at MEV are organized by modern, active, quality management in order to improve the high standards already achieved. It is this steady improvement in quality which enables our enterprise to increase productivity and competitiveness. Needless to say, active quality assurance is the constant foundation stone of our success.

Our responsibility for the environment
Our world is WOODen materials - our raw material is wood. As a result, MEV is unequivocally committed to implementing preventive and sustainable measures to protect the environment whereby we have promoted ourselves on the market as an environmentally conscious manufacturing and service enterprise. This consistent environmental awareness is firmly established in our corporate culture.

Sustainable management of natural resources
Regular checks on the effects of all our corporate processes on the environment, their evaluation and then the development and expansion of our measures to protect the environment have resulted in sustainable business practices, the continuous avoidance of environmental pollution, the conservation of our materials and energy sources, and the constant optimization of existing environmental measures. The result: our Aktiv(e) products!