DekorA[k]tiv FR

Our certified flame resistant DekorA[k]tiv FR is used in public areas; highly frequented buildings and rooms such as office and administration blocks, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, canteens, cinemas, concert and assembly halls etc. as well as in the building of decorative fire protected emergency exits.

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Effective DekorA[k]tiv sound-proofing and fire protection where interior fitting has specific acoustic requirements
The "FR" in DekorA[k]tiv FR on the product label stands for flame resistant (low-flammable) in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN 13501-1. The testing of DekorAktiv FR for flammability ratings was carried out on an element with encompassing edge banding and an ABS edge of 2 mm. Thus the walls, fixtures and ceilings of DekorA[k]tiv FR product solutions are not only effective in meeting the acoustic requirements of a room but are also flame resistant.

Naturally DekorA[k]tiv FR draws on 180 ultra modern designs and colours from the huge range of Pfleiderer's DST Colour Match. This means that DekorA[k]tiv FR offers an enormous variety of decors in productive combination with functional sound absorption and certified fire resistance classification.

Whether as a wall, a fixture or ceiling, DekorA[k]tiv FR product solutions are extremely versatile especially in public areas, buildings and rooms. They create a sense of space which is not only decidedly effective but also creates a wonderful ambience.

DekorA[k]tiv FR has excellent features

DekorA[k]tiv offers functional, decorative acoustic products for all your requirements in WOOD-based materials:

  • DekorA[k]tiv FR is available in 5 perforations
  • excellent sound absorption properties
  • flame resistant
  • decorative, aesthetic features suited to the room
  • developed especially for professional interior fitting
  • certified quality
  • extremely exacting product features
  • direct lamination of HDF boards
  • encompassing outer frame
  • non-perforated edge
  • choice of 180 designs and colours from Pfleiderer's DST Colour Match
  • eminently suitable for attachment solutions
  • individual contract and project manufacturing
  • combinable with LightAktiv FR in our range of matching decors
  • goods are delivered ready for assembly and installation

Product-related processing

Edges - drilling / dowelling- milling / grooving / rebating

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