DekorA[k]tiv FR - DA[k] FR 130

Our certified flame resistant DekorA[k]tiv FR is used in public areas; highly frequented buildings and rooms such as office and administration blocks, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, canteens, cinemas, concert and assembly halls etc. as well as in the building of decorative fire protected emergency exits.

The perforation 8/8/2.2 (8/8/5.0) means:

  • " 8 mm (8 mm) is the horizontal and vertical distance from the centre to centre of each hole.
  • " 2.2 mm (5.0 mm) is the diameter of the hole.

The sound absorption values of DekorA[k]tiv FR according to DIN EN ISO 354 (clearance of 200 mm to the ceiling, clearance of 60 mm) to the wall) were measured according to DIN EN ISO 354 for "Measuring Sound Absorption in Reverberant Rooms".

DekorA[k]tiv professional sound-proofing and fire protection where interior fitting has specific acoustic requirements
Using MEV's DekorA[k]tiv acoustic system you can furnish office and conference rooms, multi-purpose halls, municipal and concert halls, schools, universities, hotels, theatres and opera houses, studios or churches with sound-absorbing flame-resistant ceilings, permanent walls and movable partitions as well as install fittings at a later date.

Of course we can also provide individual perforations/ slits e.g. a pattern with your own logo or other motives or you may require a full or partial coverage with holes/slits.

DekorA[k]tiv FR acoustic products are functional, decorative and flame resistant and satisfy all your requirements in WOOD-based products.