DekorA[k]tiv - DA[k] M170

Picture / Film: DekorA[k]tiv cupboard door (door in detail -front and rear view).

The perforation 32/32/8.0 means:

  • 32 mm is the horizontal and vertical distance from the centre to centre of each hole.
  • 8.0 mm is the diameter of the hole

The sound absorption values of our office cupboards which have sound absorbing doors from our DekorA[k]tiv acoustic system were measured according to DIN EN ISO 354 for "Measuring Sound Absorption in Reverberant Rooms".

Five office cupboards fitted with sound-absorbing DekorA[k]tiv doors were used for the readings.70% of the space available in the office cupboards, the walls of which were made from chip board with melamine resin direct lamination, was filled with files. During the test, the equivalent sound absorption area A per m2 of an office cupboard was measured in low, medium and high frequencies.

DekorA[k]tiv Sound Proofing for all Acoustic Applications in InteriorFitting

Using MEV's DekorA[k]tiv acoustic system you can furnish office and conference rooms, multi-purpose halls, municipal and concert halls, schools, universities, hotels, theatres and opera houses, studios or churches with sound-absorbing product solutions for furniture, ceilings, permanent walls and movable partitions.

Of course we can also provide individual perforations/ slits e.g. a pattern of holes with your own logo or other motifs or you may require a full or partial coverage with holes/slits.

The functionality and design of DekorA[k]tiv' products also satisfy the most demanding requirements and thus assist you in planning and implementing your customers' orders successfully.