LightAktiv Light-Weight Construction-Systems

MEV's light-weight construction systems LightAktiv are eminently suitable for use in all areas where professional demands, mobility and the low weight of the material play a decisive role. In the field of interior fitting, the intelligent and flexible LightAktiv construction panels with frames can be filled with various materials (aluminium, plastics and paper honey-comb).

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Surface options:

  • Melamine resin direct lamination
  • Basic primer finishes
  • Varnished thin boards and chip boards
  • Laminates
  • Raw / MDF.

Final thicknesses (in stock):
19, 25, 38, 46 and 50 mm (individual final thicknesses can always be supplied).

MEV's LightAktiv light-weight construction panels /prefabricated units can be used individually and flexibly and offer you numerous qualitative and economic benefits:

  • low inherent weight
  • high stability and maximum load capacity
  • no alterations to fittings required
  • always has a frame and PUR surface bonding - consequently full pull-out values
  • material modular system

    • diverse surface options
    • diverse core materials
    • diverse standard final thicknesses
    • individual final thicknesses
    • edgings in optical zero-joint technology, PUR hot melt adhesive

  • uncomplicated processing
  • LIGHT and easy to use
  • customized attachment solutions
  • production that conserves resources
  • high standard of quality
  • optional electrical wiring
  • many areas of application
  • available in next to no time
  • combinable with ElementAktiv / DekorA[k]tiv in our extensive range of colour matches.

Construction and Structure of a LightAktiv Panel

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Areas of Application
Due to its almost limitless range of applications LightAktiv is used in interior fitting for ultra - modern shop and office fittings and at trade fairs (e.g. for displays, presentations, tables, worktops, shelves and other articles of furniture)

Other areas of application include all the possible uses that LightAktiv affords in vehicle construction. It is particularly suitable for fixtures in ships, aeroplanes and trains where optimal low weight and profitability in the transportation of people, goods and machinery are of the utmost importance.

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Due to its multitude of surface options there is almost no limit to the possible applications and designer scope of MEV's LightAktiv construction systems. Moreover, the functionality and design of our LightAktiv concept facilitate easy processing.

Please note, we are in a position to provide all your needs whether the order is small or large, on commission, or has to be delivered just in time. To facilitate the functional application of fittings, we offer the option of integrating locks and preparing the surfaces with the recesses or points needed for attaching the fittings. Surfaces are finished with polyurethane (PUR) and edges applied with optical zero joint technology or PUR hot melt adhesive

LightAktiv systems offer products of the highest quality and nevertheless save weight and labour, and conserve resources.

Product-related processing

Edges - drilling / dowelling - milling / grooving / rebating

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