MEV's processing is able to meet the most exacting demands with regard to execution, flexibility and customer-specific warehouse logistics. Our ModulAktiv systems mean that we are a strategic service-partner and a quality supplier to our customers.

Areas of application are all the projects which repeatedly have to be furnished with an individual standardized system of "Just-in-Time". It is precisely here that our quality control proves that reproducible system profiles count. These also comprise production steps such as wiring and installing lighting. MEV can provide active assistance from the very first draft and the production drawing to the construction of the prototype. If a combination of materials is desired, our wood based materials can be combined with other materials such as aluminium, glass or synthetics; they are entirely flexible.

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There is only one person in charge from conception to production and delivery, but only one system is possible -our versatile ModulAktiv-system.  So what about it?

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