Product-related processing


Edges in furniture, prefabricated units and system components form surfaces which require functional and decorative solutions. We offer all the usual range of edgings and in a matching colour: thin edging (0.3 mm - 0.7 mm thick), high impact edging (0.8 mm - 3.0 mm thick), especially for use when furniture and fittings are subject to considerable wear and tear.

Security edging ABS+PP up to 3 mm thick
Security edging ABS+PP up to 3 mm thick
Milling to shape
Gluing the edges

Drilling and dowelling

To facilitate assembly in your production facilities our automatic boring machines can drill holes 25 or 32 mm apart in edges and surfaces in rows. CNC drilling machines are used for smaller lot sizes and for patterns of random holes. Should you wish to assemble the furniture entirely, we can drill the dowel holes and glue in the dowels.

CNC and milling
Dowelling, with optional gluing, in rows 25 mm or 32 mm apart
Making up and packing an order

Milling, grooves and rebates

High-quality edges can be prepared for further processing by means of milling at the appropriate number of revs. Classical applications in industry are grooving and milling.

Whether a back panel or an inclined groove need to be customized for a perfect fit, the necessary grooves can be programmed in our CNC machines at any time. Insert milling, inserted and exposed grooves and rebates are carried out by our automatic machines.

Insert groove
Sliding groove